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The Goats

The Trio: Cookie, Timmy, Willow

Learn more about our little yogis!

Charlie resting on a yogi's mat

Charlie (Char the Star!)

She was a bottle baby that 100% believes she is a hooman. She's actually quite offended she has to now live outside with all these weird creatures! She loves naps and will almost immediately find someone to nap next to at classes. But when it is her time to shine, she is sure to strike a pose for the camera! She has even been in a commercial!

Timmy smiling


One of the three newest additions to our farm, Timmy is such a character! He loves causing mischief but at the same time loves a good cuddle! Don't be fooled by his sweet talk though, he most definitely will try to eat your hair.



She had a rough, questionable start but with the support of her sister, she has grown to become quite the healthy little adventurer! She had a hard time getting her hooves under her, but now she loves exploring and climbing. A little shy, she likes to be the one to approach you, but win her over with treats and she'll give you some great cuddles!



Part of the newest trio, this girl has a huge personality with the body to match. She is energetic, attention seeking, and snuggly. She can get a bit mouthy at times though. She has been a wonderful big sister to Willow and is always by Blanche's (her mom) or Willow's side.

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