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Cookie Goat

Discover the Joy of Goat Yoga

 Laugh and Unwind with our Adorable Goats

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August 3rd, 2024
11am & 5pm

Enjoy a 45-minute beginner-friendly yoga classes while meeting the goats of Happy Goat Lucky Acres! Maybe your mat will be the one Charlie chooses for a nap or your back Timmy chooses to jump on! Though every class is different based on how the goats are feeling that day, our goal is to ensure everyone gets to enjoy time with the goats and walks away feeling a little lighter! We leave 15 minutes after the yoga portion for pictures, play, and questions. Don't miss out on this special event! 

Ages 5+

Tickets include use yoga mats and goat snacks!

Tickets are $30/person. A discount is available for couples, seniors, and children!

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Willow art

Welcome to Happy Goat Lucky Yoga

At Happy Goat Lucky Yoga, we offer a unique yoga experience that combines the benefits of yoga with the joy of spending time with adorable goats. Our classes are perfect for anyone looking to unwind and connect with nature. Our expert instructors will guide you through a 45 minute yoga session, followed by 15 minutes of goat mingling and photo opportunities. Come join us and discover the excitement of goat yoga!

Our Happy Yogis

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What people are saying about goat yoga...

Charlie cartoon

"Surprised my mother with goat yoga and we both had a blast!! Time flew by, it was all smiles, and super therapeutic. If you worry about people looking at you, you won’t have a problem here because everyone’s focused on the goats. The instructor was very kind and was easy to follow if it’s your first time. I highly suggest doing yoga here!"


Cookie, Timmy, & Willow cartoon

"I absolutely love Happy Goat Lucky Yoga! The owners are so friendly and accommodating but the real attraction (sorry ladies!) are those sweet playful goats! If you want to have fun, get some goat snuggles AND have an enjoyable yoga session--this is the place!"


Timmy cartoon

"It was an awesome and fun experience!! The instructor was amazing and had a great sense of humor. The goat handlers were so kind and very helpful with goat facts. My favorite part of it all were the goats! They were so much fun to feed and just be around. The goats kept the mood of yoga fun and light. Highly recommend for anyone who loves yoga and laughing and animals!!"


Charlie resting on yogi's mat
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